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Dougie Poynter From Mcfly

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A bit of info.
                                             ABOUT MCFLY . . .
For those that dont know them, they are a band called Mcfly from the UK. They've released 3 albums and were the youngest band to go straight to number 1 in the album charts (the Beatles used to have the record) and they've already had an awesome couple of years - and hopefully a lot of years to come Some of you might know them from the 20th Century Fox movie they filmed with Lindsey Lohan called Just My Luck. they play themselves in the movie, an English band trying to make it in America. They got to spend a lot of time in the USA filming and promoting the movie and released an album in the USA and Canada.

McFly are signed to Universal Island Records. They have a guiat tech called neil [Nee-Ul] lol.

Lemur: OMG look! It's Dougie From McFly

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